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I have vivid memories of my father using his Kodak Retina camera on day out & family holidays. It was all dials, numbers and curiosity, and at the time I was probably more interested in finding out how it worked and ‘wearing’ my fathers treasured camera.

In fact, my desire to understand ‘how things work’ led me into engineering, and with that came another passion - travel.

My passion for photography came in a breakthrough moment when I first saw an image emerge in a darkroom. In the time it took to develop a print I had decided to leave my job and become a photographer.

My business took off as I worked for a variety of clients from B2B and B2C editorial magazines to advertorial and advertising, centred around portraits and people.

With the global economic crash in 2009 I grasped the opportunity to evaluate my style and direction and, with camera in hand, backpacked around the world for 12 months.

This life-affirming journey re-energised my passion and deepened my core values. I felt drawn to landscapes, people and urban environments and a life-long interest in Architecture was ignited.

 Since then I have developed my business to reflect my passions and strengths. Being in an architect’s office or interior designer’s studio gives me an opportunity to understand their vision and design philosophy. My engineering background also sits nicely as a backdrop to my style and interest.

And I still do portraits when asked!

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